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Medicine-time is less stressful with FLAVORx.


Proven. Tested. Safe. 150 million medications have been flavored with FLAVORx.


Sometimes a medicine’s taste is the only thing standing between a child and getting healthy. FLAVORx empowers kids to choose the taste of their medication, making medicine-time easier for little ones and their parents.


 A faster, more personal customer experience means happier kids and parents. That’s a lot to smile about!

Flavor Rx Bottles
What the parents are saying...

"My 20-month old son, does NOT do well with any kind of medicine. I haven't been able to get him to take an antibiotic until our Pharmacist suggested adding flavor to the medicine. It's a miracle worker! We added the grape flavor to his antibiotic and he's easily downed every dose! Can I get an AMEN?"


- Haley B.

“My one year old daughter hated taking her medicine. We learned about flavoring and it changed our life tremendously. We decided to try Banana and she LOVED it! She was excited to take every dose, not one drop was wasted. Within no time her antibiotic was completed and we couldn't be more happier.”


- Jasmine J.

“Our twin boys have had 2 ear infections within weeks of each other. The flavor in the medicine makes it so much easier for them to take. It's usually a fight, but not with your wonderful flavors. 

It makes the best out of a bad situation! Thank you!" 

- Sarah P.

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